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Our Mission

Remedy ranch rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, committed to offering help, hope and assistance to the many equine and occasional other animals and human lives. For various reasons and situations, we help them find their way to us in need and assistance.

We provide this help and assistance in many ways by rescuing, rehabilitating and hopefully, re-homing, horses and other animals that have been neglected, suffered abuse, became abandoned or surrendered by their owners. No matter the (“how’s or why’s) behind the animals’ situations that bring them into RRR’s care, we stay steadfast and committed to being able to offer our help and any resources or assistance we can, to meet the multitude of needs for these precious souls.

We will always take our stewardship of this rescue operation seriously by firmly employing honesty, humility and faithful intentions and staying transparent in all situations no matter the outcome.

The goals for all of us involved with the ongoing operations at RRR, is offering health, healing, trust and ultimately, forever, loving homes, through our adoptions and foster care.

How We Help


We take in horses from our local community, assist law enforcement, assist fellow rescues with rescue-to-rescue transfers, and take in kill pen survivors. These horses come in underweight, sick and with untreated medical issues that are addressed immediately.


Part of our Rehabilitation is training. Every horse needs to be safe to handle with the basics of halter broke, load/unload in a trailer, good for the farrier. Every Horse that comes into the Rescue is treated medically.

✓ Coggins

✓ Vaccinated

✓ Dental Float

✓ Trimmed

✓ Wormed

Each horse receives all medical updated and seen by a veterinarian to evaluate any other medical conditions that need to be addressed.


We help our rescues find their temporary and forever homes. We go further with all our horses receiving training when necessary to ensure they are ready for their new homes.

How You

Can Help

There are countless ways you can help us with our mission here at RRR. You can make a donation (however big or small), adopt from us, or volunteer your time and home as a foster parent.

Vehicles - Trailer
Vehicles - Trailer
Vehicles - Trailer

About Us.

Remedy Ranch Rescue started in 2018 as an idea of Nickol’s to help the community and a few animals in the process. little did she know she would be getting calls from all over the United States to help horses in need. she still makes the priority her community.

Working with local trainers, producers, suppliers, veterinarians and stores. when the community can benefit as a whole then the difference can be made.

Remedy Ranch Rescue is run by wonderful loving volunteers. These wonderful individuals pour their love and dedication; feeding, fostering, sponsoring, and hard labor, so that each rescue is given the opportunity to trust again. All our volunteers are full time employees within their own professions, mothers, fathers, friends and families that still commit so much of their valuable time to the rescue because they support our mission. They have become our mission.

Horse Jump Barrier, Wooden Obstacle for Races

HD Performance Horses

Our current trainer is HD Performance Horses, offeing English lessons and Showing options as well as training for your equine friends!

Contact Us

County Rd 307, Floresville, TX 78114



Wood Pole of Horse Jump Barrier, Wooden Obstacle

Remedy Boarding

We will be offering some family friendly, affordable boarding options! Trailer parking, two round pens, arena, tack room, jumps and fun obstacles for training!

-Trainer and lesson instructor on site!

-Frequent group hauls to trails and shows.

-Frequent visits by Farriers, equine dentist, equine massage, Beamer, magnawave, and saddle fitting professionals.

-Group turnout in pasture with shelter and plenty of trees for shade.

-Coastal hay, cubit alfalfa cubes, alphaforce grain included.

-Fed once a day

$400 monthly

-Individual 20’ 20’ partially covered pipe pen.

-Mucked daily.

-Fed once a day.

-Coastal hay, cubeit alfalfa cubes, alfaforce grain included.

$500 monthly

(Outdoor pens do not have shavings but do have sand footing)

*Horses must be friendly in groups and not a nuisance at feeding time.

Remedy Boarding

Meet Our Adoptable Rescues

Click Here to View our Adoptable Rescues

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Why Adopt from Us?

It’s just good for every horse lover’s soul to adopt! By choosing adoption, you are freeing up space for another sweet soul to be saved. then another. and another. When you choose to adopt from RRR, you are making a huge decision. We understand that!

That is one reason we offer an exchange policy. A horse is a large animal & a big responsibility, we know that sometimes it just doesn’t work out. That is why we are dedicated to matching you & your family with the right horse.

Unlike buying a horse in a private or auction sell, where there is a “no return policy” RRR will work to meet the needs of its horses & adoptive families.

While it’s noble to want to pull from an auction or kill pen – you just don’t know what you’re getting into. At RRR, while we pull from kill pens, we ensure the horses we take in are fully vetted & all medical needs addressed before being eligible for adoption.

A farrier is called & hoof care is performed, teeth are floated & dental health is addressed, they are quarantined before being released with the herd. We also have trainers to evaluate & train our horses for as long as is required.

This saves our adopters a lot of time & ensures medical needs are addressed & met! This is also key in the prevention of possible disease spread.

Footprints of horse hoves


RRR strives to have transparency in the way our rescue is run. adopters are encouraged to visit our rescue & ask as many questions as needed. our goal is to match horses with the right adoptive families, so we believe honesty is the best policy when it comes to a horse’s history, behavior, level of experience, & training.

Potential adopters are encouraged to spend time with their prospective horse before bringing them home! RRR always welcomes meet & greets, grooming sessions, trips to the trainer, & even riding your potential adopted horse.

While a horse may be on quarantine after being taken in to RRR interested adopters are welcome to visit the horses & establish bonds before being allowed to take them home.

Riding Levels:

RRR also has a horse for every riding level & individual need, ranging from beginner to advanced. Horses are evaluated to determine skill level of the rider, as well as any riding specialties they may have.

This can range from pleasure, to trail, to barrel racing, roping, cattle, & even pasture ornaments if you’re so inclined!

Interested adopters are always encouraged to contact RRR with horse inquiries & specific riding needs—chances are, if we don’t have what you’re looking for now, we will in the future!

Footprints of horse hoves

Upcoming Adoptable Rescues

Coming Soon

*The goals for all of us involved with the ongoing operations at RRR, is offering health, healing, trust and ultimately, forever, loving homes, through our adoptions and foster care.*

Contact Us

County Rd. 307 Floresville, TX 78114



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